AAP Media prize
Best philosophical piece published in the popular media in Australasia by a professional philosopher.

2018 Winner

Dr Daniel Halliday

In 2017 Daniel Halliday was the presenter of Ethics Matters, an engaging and informative 12-part series aimed at teenagers and broadcast nationally on ABC TV 3. In interviews with a diverse range of philosophers, Halliday leads the viewer through thoughtful and open-ended discussions of some of the most pressing ethical issues of our time, from the status of animals, immigration, body image and disability, to egalitarianism vs libertarianism, religious diversity, and freedom of speech. The panel commended the way Halliday draws on his expertise to get the best out of his guests and to summarise complex philosophical ideas in an accessible way. In addition to building public engagement with key philosophical discussions, Ethics Matters will be a valuable resource for teaching ethics for years to come.

AAP Media Professionals' Award

Best philosophical piece published in the popular media in Australasia by journalists and other media professionals.

2018 Winner

Brigid Hains


Brigid Hains is both a co-founder and the editorial director of online magazine Aeon. Since its inception in 2012, Melbourne-based Aeon has established itself as a major outlet for connecting academic writers with the reading public. Aeon has global reach, with offices in Melbourne, London and New York, and large readerships in the USA (50%), UK, Canada, Australia and India. In 2017 Aeon had over 1 million unique visitors per month. The site has brought provocative work by leading international philosophers including Martha Nussbaum, Massimo Pigliucci, David Benatar, and Galen Strawson, as well as Australian philosophers such as Huw Price, Claire Colebrook, Graham Priest, and Philip Pettit, to audiences of hundreds of thousands of readers per article. A particular strength of Aeon is its somewhat longer word lengths than comparable outlets, allowing for challenging ideas to be explored in-depth without compromising their capacity to engage and excite the public

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The Minefield

Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens host a weekly show on Radio National.

The program goes to air on Thursdays at 11.30am and is repeated on Saturdays at 5.30pm.  

All episodes are available at any time on the website.

2015 AAP Conference - Audio recordings

Official Opening & Presidential Address Professor Paul Redding : 

Professor Frederick Neuhouser : 

Professor Cheshire Calhoun : 

Peter Menzies Symposium : A Presentation and Discussion of Professor Menzies' unpublished paper 

Professor Dan Zahavi : 

Ethics Matters

Commencing Thursday 31 August 2017 on ABC ME, 

Ethics Matters is a new resource for Secondary School students.

For further information on this series, or any other content on ABC TV Education please drop us a line at

Copies of our complete term 3 schedule as well as highlights of our other new programming for this term is available on our website

Short & Curly - ethics made fun

Finally, an ethics podcast for kids AND adults! Great for car trips and classroom discussions. This show can take your family’s dinner table banter to the next level! ABC 3’s Carl Smith, actress and TV funny person Molly Daniels plus ethicist Dr Matt Beard straighten out the curliest questions.

Download / Listen : itunes    Soundcloud

AAP Virtual Seminar Series - 2011 Victoria University

What is Philosophy? - a 15 minute video introducing some of the central problems in philosophy. 

Big Ideas - ABC TV & radio show


The Philosopher's Zone - Weekly Radio National show presented by Joe Gelonesi

Alan Saunders Lecture - AAP in conjunction with ABC, annual Memorial Lecture 

Radical Philosophy - Monthly radio show on 3CR Melbourne

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