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Australasian Philosophical Review is a new and exciting journal in Open Peer Commentary format. It publishes significant and controversial invited lead articles by authors from all areas of philosophy, together with invited and open peer commentaries on those invited lead articles, and authors' responses to those commentaries.

Each issue has a different curator, (chosen by a committee of the Australasian Association of Philosophy); the curator is responsible for the choice of the authors of the invited lead article and the invited commentaries.

Managing Editor: Graham Oppy

Associate Editor: Eliza Goddard

APR Editorial Committee: 

Graham Oppy - Convenor (Monash University), Justine Kingsbury (Waikato University),

Simon Lumsden (University of New South Wales), Amber Carpenter (National University of Singapore - Yale)

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Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Jenann Ismael

Theme: Philosophy of Physics

Lead article: "The Open Universe: Totality, Self-reference and Time"

Curator: Heather Dyke

Panel: Raamy Majeed, Cei Maslen

Invited commentaries from:

Christoph Hoerl, Kristie Miller and David Braddon-Mitchell, Huw Price, Carlo Rovelli


Proposal abstracts should be brief (up to 500 words), stating clearly the aspects of the lead article that will be discussed, together with an indication of the approach that will be taken.

For access to the lead article and instructions on making a submission, see here:

Abstract submissions are due on 23 June 2023. Invitations to write commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued on 10 July 2023. Full-length commentaries will be due on 15 September 2023.


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Gila Sher  

Theme: The nature and value of truth      

Lead Article: “The “Post-Truth” Crisis, the Value of Truth, and the Substantivist-Deflationist Debate”

Curator: Joseph Ulatowski

Panel: Aaron Griffith, Shawn Hernandez, David Kashtan, and Cory Wright

Invited commentaries from: Filippo Ferrari, Gurpreet Rattan, Chase Wrenn   


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Tzu-Wei Hung 

Theme: History of Philosophy      

Lead Article: "Equity and Marxist Buddhism"

Curator: Duen-Min Deng 

Invited commentaries from: Cheung Ching-yuen, Sally Haslanger, Ting-An Lin, Sara Protasi  


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Danielle Celermajer

Theme: Responsibility to the more-than-human-world      

Lead Article: "The command of responsibility to a burning world"

Curator: Dalia Nassar 

Panel: Dalia Nassar (lead), Millicent Churcher, Yarran Hominh

Invited commentaries from: Lori Gruen, Kyle Whyte, Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Emily Beausoleil, Krushil Watene, Anik Waldow  


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Dan Zahavi 

Theme: Phenomenology and Collective Intentionality    

Lead Article: "I, You, and We: Beyond Individualism and Collectivism"

Curator: Andrew Inkpin 

Panel: Andrew Inkpin, Marilyn Stendera

Invited commentaries from: Anita Avarmides, Sara Heinämaa, Arto Laitinen, Elisabeth Pacherie  


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Author: Susan James 

Theme: Early Modern Philosophy  

Lead Article: "Spinoza and the Poetic Imagination"

Curator: Deborah Brown 

Panel: Deborah Brown. Aurelia Armstrong and Michael LeBuffe

Invited commentaries from: Sandra Field, Moira Gatens, Russ Leo, Hasana Sharp 


Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review

Lead Authors: Joshua R. Christie, Carl Brusse, Pierrick Bourrat, Peter Takacs and Paul E. Griffiths

Theme: Philosophy of Biology 

Lead article: "Are biological traits explained by their 'selected effect' function?"

Curator: John Matthewson 

Panel: John Matthewson and Christopher Lean

Invited commentaries from: Justin Garson, Justine Kingsbury, Ruth Garrett Millikan, Samir Okasha, Nicholas Shea 


Lead Author: Yong Huang

Theme: Chinese Philosophy

Lead article: "Zhu Xi's Virtue Ethics Approach to Meta-Ethics"  

Curator: Winnie Sung - Nanyang Technical University

Panel: K. Gustin Law and Yat-hung Leung

Invited commentaries from:

Matthew D. Walker, JeeLoo Liu, Bradfort Cokelet, David Copp


Lead Author: Tim Crane

Theme: Ontology and Intentionality

Lead article: "On the Explanation of Intentionality"  

Curator: Raamy Majeed - University of Auckland

Invited commentaries from:

Davide Bordini, Laura Gow, Frederique Janssen-Lauret, Justine Kingsbury


Lead Author: Dimitris Vardoulakis

Theme: Heidegger, Aristotle and the ‘Ineffectual’

Lead article: "Toward a Critique of the Ineffectual: Heidegger’s Reading of Aristotle and the Construction of an Action without Ends" 

Curator: Andrew Benjamin

Invited commentaries from: Charlotta Weigelt, Adriel M. Trott, Richard Lee, Ian Alexander Moore


Lead Author: Joel Katzav 

Theme: History of Philosophy

Lead Article: "Grace de Laguna’s analytic and speculative philosophy" 

Curators: Krist Vaesen and Dorothy Rogers

Invited commentaries from:

Anthony Fisher, Frederique Janssen-Lauret, Marguerite La Caze, Brigitte Nerlich, Peter Olen, Trevor Pearce


Lead Authors: Nicole A Vincent & Emma A Jane

Theme: Moral psychology

Lead Article: 

"Interrogating Incongruence: Conceptual and Normative Problems with ICD-11's and DSM-5's Diagnostic Categories for Transgender People"

Curator: Jeanette Kennett Macquarie University

Invited commentaries from: 

Sophie Grace Chappell, Terezas Hendl & Loren Britton, Hilde Lindemann, Robert A. Wilson


Lead Author: Shun Kwong-loi

Theme: Moral psychology - insights from Chinese Philosophy

Lead Article: Anger, Compassion, and the Distinction between First and Third Person

Curator: Loy Hui-chieh  (National University of Singapore)

Invited commentaries from: Michael Slote, Chan Sin-yee, R. Jay Wallace, David Wong

Panel: Winnie Sung (Nanyang Technological University) & Doil Kim (Sungkyunkwan University).


Lead Author: Craig Callender

Theme: Decision Theory

Lead Article: The Normative Standard for Future Discounting

Curator: Samuel Baron

Invited commentaries from:  Preston Greene, Kristie Miller, Katie Steele, Till Grüne-Yanoff

Panel: Samuel Baron, Remco Heesen


Lead Author: Katherine Dormandy

Theme: Philosophy of Religion

Lead Article: 

True Faith: Against Doxastic Partiality about Faith (in God and Religious Communities)

and in Defense of Evidentialism

Curator: Helen De Cruz

Invited commentaries from: Eva Schmidt, Samuel Lebens, Blake McAllister

Panel: Alexandra Romanyshyn, Ian Kidd


Lead Author: Mary Kate McGowan                                                                          

Theme: Political Philosophy

Lead Article: “Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm: An Overview and an Application”

Curator: Sarah Sorial

Invited commentaries from:  Robert Mark Simpson, Caroline West, Ishani Maitra, Jeremy Waldron


Lead Author: Genevieve Lloyd

Theme: Spinoza Today

Lead Article: Reconsidering Spinoza’s ‘Rationalism’

Curator: Joanne Faulkner

Invited commentaries from: Moira Gatens, Sandra Field

Panel: Joanne Faulkner, Renee England, Bryan Mukandi, Yves Saint James Aquino

Glen Pettigrove


Lead Author: Glen Pettigrove

Theme: Ethics

Lead Article: What Virtue Adds to Value

Curator: Matheson Russell

Invited commentaries from: Andrew Pinsent, Rebecca Stangl


Lead Author: Avner de Shalit

Theme: Political Philosophy

Lead Article: Political Philosophy and What People Think

Curator: Elisabeth Ellis

Invited commentaries from: Bas van der Vossen, Jo Wolff, Colleen Murphy


Lead Author: John Broome

Theme: Reasons and Rationality 

Lead Article: "Rationality versus Normativity"

Curator: Garrett Cullity

Invited commentaries from: Nomy Arpaly, Krister Bykvist, Benjamin Kiesewetter, Julia Markovits, Hille Paakkunainen.    

Editorial Board

Andrew Benjamin (Monash), Jacqueline Broad (Monash)Stephen Davies (Auckland)

Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern)Lisa Ellis (Otago)John Finnis (Oxford)Jay Garfield (Smith)

Moira Gatens (Sydney)Fiona Jenkins (ANU)Mark Johnston (Princeton)Karen Jones (Melbourne)

Marguerite La Caze (Queensland)Karyn Lai (UNSW)Chenyang Li (NTU)Cathay Liu (Yale/NUS)

Jeff Malpas (Tasmania)Alex Miller (Otago)Kristie Miller (Sydney)Paul Patton (UNSW)Laurie Paul (Chapel Hill)

Michael Pelczar (NUS)Philip Pettit (Princeton)Emma Rush (CSU)Peter Singer (Princeton)

Christine Swanton (Auckland)Brian Weatherson (Michigan)Caroline West (Sydney)

Managing Editor: Professor Graham Oppy

APR Advisory Committee

Justine Kingsbury (Waikato University), Nichola Smith (Macquarie University),

Amber Carpenter (National University of Singapore - Yale)

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