Founded in 1922, the Australasian Association of Philosophy is the peak charity for the promotion of philosophical research, education and scholarship in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Membership consists of academic philosophers, students and community members with an interest in philosophy. We promote philosophy in universities, schools, and among the general public.

Annette Baier Prize Shortlist 2024

Belinda Eslick • Bronwyn Finnigan

Justine Kingsbury • Michelle Liu

Kristie Miller • Dalia Nassar

Media Prize Shortlist 2024

Paul Formosa • Wendy Rogers

Christopher Lean • Kate E. Lynch • Lucy M. Smith

Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Since 1923. One of the top ten professional philosophical journals in the world. More




Since 2017, in Open Peer Commentary format. More



Our New Online Journal. Launching 2024,  More

1923 TO 2023 EXHIBITION Celebrating 100 YEARS of the AUSTRALASIAN ASSOCIATION of PHILOSOPHY 2 to 6 July 2023 ACU 115 Victoria Parade Melbourne Australia


                   2 0 2 4                   

  A A P  C O N F E R E N C E  

               O N L I N E               

In addition to our annual July conference, including for those unable to attend the in person July conference, the online conference is an opportunity to present current work to a critical and collegial audience. More info


University of Western Australia

7 - 11 July 2024

Shortlist 2024

Stephen Enciso • Theodore Murray

Bryson Ng • Jeremy Strasser

Annette Baier Prize


The Status of Women in the Philosophy Profession Committee is seeking nominations from interested persons to act as a judge for the Annette Baier Prize.

The committee aims to rotate the members of the judging panels regularly and in accordance with areas of specialty and competence. The committee is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion on judging panels, with specific concern to create mixed-gender panels where possible. 

Self-nominations are welcome from post-PhD persons working in philosophy, broadly conceived, and who are currently affiliated with an Australasian university.

Judges Nomination Form

Sagacity - a new postgraduate run public philosophy magazine supported by the AAP

Check it out at 

Australasian Philosophy:

Bridging the Past, Present with the Future 

Centenary Closing Symposium 2023

Thursday 30 November - Friday 1 December 2023

University of Sydney

Membership of the Association is open to all. more


The Australasian Association of Philosophy recognises Australia’s First Nations Peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of this land, and their continuous connection to country, community and culture.

The Australasian Association of Philosophy recognises the unique role of Māori as Tangata Whenua and embraces Te Tiriti o Waitangi recognising Māori as tino rangitiratanga of Aotearoa/New Zealand while embracing the three guiding principles of the Treaty – Partnership Participation and Protection.


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