Hybrid conference on Perception

  • 05 Jun 2023
  • 06 Jun 2023
  • ACU and Deakin

Registration is now open for a two-day dual-hosted hybrid conference on *Perception* on 5-6 June, to be held at:

* Deakin University (Day 1): Deakin Downtown, Level 12, Tower 2 Building, 727 Collins St, Collins Square;


* Australian Catholic University (Day 2): Greg Craven Conference Centre, Teresa of Kolkata Building

As a hybrid event, talks will be delivered in a combination of in person and livestream via Zoom (with some speakers delivering from overseas).

Registration is free. Please register your interest via email to Jack Reynolds by 3 June (email: jack.reynolds@deakin.edu.au).

When registering, please indicate whether you plan on attending:

* On Day 1, or Day 2, or both;

* In person or online;

Those registering for online attendance will be sent a link in the days leading up to the conference.

Space is limited, so please register at earliest convenience.


Day One: Phenomenological and Analytical Approaches (5 June) Deakin

9:30 Richard Colledge (ACU): "Knowledge as Lived Perception: From Plato to Gadamer via Merleau-Ponty"

10:30 Claude Romano (ACU): "Realism about Colours"

Coffee break

11:45 Vania Alarcón Castillo (ACU): "Perception as a Normative Experience. Remarks on the Husserlian approach to Normativity in Perception"


2:00 Jakob Hohwy (Monash): "Consciousness, active inference and self-evidencing"


3:15 Samuel Baron (Dianoia, ACU) (online): "Perception and time"

4:15 Marilyn Stendera (Wollongong) online: "Phenomenology and Synaesthesia"

Day Two: Perception and Culture (6 June) ACU

9:30 Jack Reynolds (Deakin): "Perception and phenomenal experience in Merleau-Ponty and beyond: An alternative to contemporary 'illusionism'"

10:30 Justin Clemens (University of Melbourne): "To unsee the nothing that is not there and the nothing that is: Heidegger in the settler-colony"

Coffee break

11:45 Christina Dietz (Dianoia, ACU) and John Hawthorne (Dianoia, ACU) (online USA), "Hearing Things"


2:00 Riccardo McMillan (Deakin): "Perceiving beyond perception: navigating the psychedelic turn in phenomenology" (online)


3:30 Peter Howard (ACU) "Constructing and perceiving images theologically: the Visual Art of Preaching in Renaissance Italy" (online).

Afternoon Tea

4:30 Richard Kearney (Boston College) "Touching Perception" (online)

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