Distributed Cognition and Distributed Agency

  • 14 Mar 2012
  • 16 Mar 2012
  • Macquarie University, NSW
Distributed Cognition and Distributed Agency

This workshop at Macquarie University will be held on Wednesday 14
March and Friday 16 March, with a day off between.

Keynote speakers:
Amanda Barnier (Macquarie)
Erik Myin (Antwerp)
Robert Rupert (Colorado)

Call for Papers
Debates about embodied, extended, and distributed cognition now
address not only metaphysical issues about the location and boundaries
of the mind, but also broader questions about culture and cognition,
agency, and the self. These debates make points of contact with
diverse philosophical traditions (including phenomenology, pragmatism,
and moral psychology), with diverse social scientific fields (such as
science studies, cognitive ethnography, and studies of interaction and
material culture), as well as with cognitive, social, and
developmental psychology, and the cognitive neurosciences.

For this workshop we seek theoretical and empirically-informed papers
which fill out or broaden the conceptual tools available for
understanding the nature and mechanisms of distributed or embodied
cognition. We particularly welcome proposals which address the
integration of environmental resources (social and cultural as well as
material and technological) into cognitive practices. Papers can
either contribute to mainstream debates about cognitive integration,
complementarity, and 2nd-wave extended mind, or apply these concepts
to specific domains and topics, such as (but not limited to) narrative
and self, agency, embodiment and skilled movement, language and
gesture, communication and interaction, memory, collective
intentionality, performance, and cognitive niche construction.

Abstracts of proposed papers, of between 250 and 500 words, should be sent to Michael Kirchhoff at michael.kirchhoffATstudents.mq.edu.au by Friday 10th February.
Decisions on acceptance/ rejection will be communicated by 17th February.

We anticipate scheduling longer and shorter paper sessions. In
submitting your abstract, please indicate which one you would prefer
if accepted, or if either option is fine.
Graduate students are encouraged to submit.

There will be no registration fee for attending the conference, but
advance registration will be required. Full details to follow.

Enquiries to the workshop organizers: Richard Menary
(richard.menaryATmq.edu.au) or John Sutton (john.suttonATmq.edu.au)

Hosts and sponsors:
CCD (Centre for Cognition and its Disorders)
CAVE (Centre for Agency, Values, and Ethics)
Australian Research Council

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