Workshop on Representation and Sensibility

  • 19 Sep 2011
  • 20 Sep 2011
  • University of Sydney
Workshop on Representation and Sensibility
19-20 September, Boardroom, Darlington Centre, University of Sydney
This workshop marks the beginning of a series of conferences and events exploring two core problems in early-modern philosophy: representation and sensibility. The first is an issue in 16th and 17th century thought, as knowledge comes to be construed in terms of representations of the world. Sensibility turns on the question of the standing of reason in Enlightenment thought in the mid 18th century,
in particular the issue of what role sensibility plays in our conception of the world, tying together reflections on physiological sensitivity, psychological/epistemological sensation, and aesthetic/moral
sentiments. In bringing these two issues together the workshop aims to shed new light on our thinking of the origins of science, religion, morality, and norms of behaviour more generally.

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