Probability in the Everett (many-worlds) interpretation of quantum mechanics

  • 09 Dec 2010
  • 10:30 AM - 5:15 PM
  • Monash University, Caulfield campus
A workshop on probability in the Everett (many-worlds) interpretation of quantum mechanics will be held on Thursday, December 9th at Monash University.

Recent work on Everettian quantum mechanics has suggested that,
contrary to the received view, there is a natural home for objective
probability in the Everett picture. Some authors have even claimed
that, rather than representing a problem for the view, the Everettian
account of objective probability is actually on a stronger footing
than orthodox one-world accounts. In particular, Deutsch, Wallace and Saunders have argued that Everettians can prove the Principal
Principle from non-probabilistic premises. This workshop will explore and assess these arguments.

* Huw Price (Sydney)
* Toby Handfield (Monash)
* Antony Eagle (Oxford)
* Alastair Wilson (Monash)

Registration is free, and all are encouraged to attend. A limited
number of bursaries for graduate students (to offset travel costs)
will be available. To register, or if you have any questions, please
contact by Tuesday 30th November. There will be a dinner after the workshop – to reserve a place, please contact by Monday 22nd November.
For further details, including directions to the venue, see the workshop website at:

Caulfield campus, room H220.

10.30am – 11.00am   Arrival & tea/coffee/muffins
11.00am – 12.15pm   Toby Handfield – ‘Chance in branching worlds’
12.15pm – 1.30pm     Antony Eagle – 'Everett and branching time'
1.30pm – 2.30pm       Lunch
2.30pm – 3.45pm       Huw Price – 'Probability in the Everett world:
Comments on Wallace and Greaves'
3.45pm – 4.00pm       Break
4.00pm – 5.15pm       Alastair Wilson – ‘How to ground the
Deutsch-Wallace proof’

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