The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand 2010 Conference

  • 01 Dec 2010
  • 04 Dec 2010
  • University of Adelaide
The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand 2010 Conference

This symposium is inspired by the round tables organised by James Elkins in Cork, Ireland and Chicago which aimed to create a dialogue between art historians and philosophers on concepts which are central to the way both disciplines conduct their respective endeavours.  The aim is to promote a better understanding of each other's perspectives for the purpose of more
fruitful dialogue between both groups. The first topic will be the relation of aesthetic and moral considerations in evaluating the photography of Bill Henson. The second will be "Beauty" as an evaluative concept and the third, will be whether aesthetic autonomy can be defended.

The speakers are John McDonald (Art Critic, Sydney Morning Herald) and Craig Taylor (Flinders, Philosophy) on the photography of Bill Henson; Christopher Allen (Art Critic, The Australian) and John Armstrong (Melbourne, Philosophy) on Beauty as an evaluative concept; Jolanta Nowak (Melbourne, Art History) and
Jenny McMahon (Adelaide, Philosophy) on the nature of aesthetic autonomy and whether it can be defended.

Session Title: Art History and Philosophy
Session Convenor: Jenny McMahon
Date: Dec. 3rd  2010
Venue: University of Adelaide

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