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The President’s Project that was begun under the 2015-2016 AAP President Jeanette Kennett, had as its aim the collection of profiles of Philosophy graduates, which were then to be published on the AAP website.  The collection continued under Daniel Stoljar and Fred Kroon, AAP Presidents for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. The purpose of showcasing these profiles was to show not only what a number of successful graduates had in fact done with their degree in Philosophy, but, no less importantly, what graduates can do with a degree in Philosophy.  We did not (of course!) commit the fallacy of thinking that the success of a smallish number of graduates that we ourselves had selected would allow us to claim that doing a Philosophy degree gives people a good chance of success of landing a great job.  The sample does, however, showcase a variety of ways in which our graduates have been able to use their training in Philosophy to often remarkable effect.

After beginning with a small handful of profiles, mostly Australian men, the number has now grown to over twenty, roughly half men and half women and a third of them New Zealanders, covering work in a range of fields, including politics, the arts, education, IT, business consultancy, and advisor/managerial administration in ministries.  We hope they will be a useful resource for those interesting in knowing where Philosophy can lead and has led, including Philosophy lecturers, potential students (and their teachers and parents), and the wider public. Showing more generally, how Philosophy graduates have fared in the workplace will require a different kind of survey, and we are pleased that the AAP through its administrative officer, Chris Lawless, has now begun a new general survey of the destinations of Philosophy graduates.

Fred Kroon

AAP President, 2017-2018

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