The objects of the Association are all of the following:

  • to promote philosophy, including: 

  • philosophical education; and
  • philosophical research and scholarship;
  • to promote the exchange of philosophical ideas, including by:
  • publishing or procuring the publication of, the Journal or other journals;
  • organising or causing to be organised, national and international conferences; and
  • becoming a member of, co-operating with, or affiliating with, companies or associations having objects similar to those of the Company;
  • to support its members, and professional philosophers generally, in connection with their philosophical activities.

In pursuit of these aims the AAP:

  • edits the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, one of the world's leading philosophy journals; and
  • schedules and supports the annual AAP Conference, hosted by different philosophy programs across the Australasian region.

In addition, the AAP:

  • awards annual prizes for promoting philosophy in the media, as well as for the practice of philosophy in schools;
  • collects benchmarking data on the profession;
  • responds to requests and reviews from Government bodies and related authorities;
  • develops, runs and supports projects that are relevant to the profession and which raise the profile of philosophy in Australasia more generally;
  • facilitates an annual Heads' of Philosophy Programs meeting; and
  • maintains a list of conferences and public lectures, jobs and scholarships, philosophy programs in Universities in Australasia, and philosophy related mailing lists.

The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) is incorporated as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee (ACN 152 892 272). The AAP is recognised as a special purpose, or not for profit, company for the purposes of education and is not required to use 'Limited' in its name.

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