Company Administration

The AAP is incorporated as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee (ACN 152 892 272 ABN 29 152 892 272) under the Corporations Act 2001.

The AAP is required to:

  Keep a Company Register, which includes the original signed and dated (by the Chair) minutes of any AGMs and Special            Member meetings;  the original signed and dated minutes of any Council meetings; register of Council Members and                  Secretaries, register of members; a copy of the constitution; ASIC returns and Register of charges.

  Have a Public Officer who is the ATO contact. The ATO must be notified of any changes to the Public Officer in 28 days.

  Display the Company name at the Registered Office.

  Display the ACN on all its public documents and negotiable instruments.

Public Officer: Antony Eagle
Company Secretary: Eliza Goddard

Registered office

c/- School of Philosophy, Historical and International Studies

Monash University

Clayton Campus Wellington Road. Clayton. Vic. 3800

Letters of Authority: Eliza Goddard

 signed consent for Paypal (November 2013)

 signed consent for ACNC (July 2013)

Declaration of Interest forms

 Petrina Coventry 

 Susan Dodds (updated Dec 2017)

 Antony Eagle

 Catriona Mackenzie

 Graham Oppy

 Adam Holloway

 Stuart Brock

 Tracy Bowell

 Eliza Goddard

 Joel Katzav

The Australasian Association of Philosophy was incorporated as a Public Company on August 26th 2011(ACN 152 892 272).The AAP is recognised as a special purpose, or not for profit, company for the purposes of education and is not required to use 'Limited' in its name.

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