The AAP's work is facilitated by a number of Operating Committees which carry out the day-to-day operations of the AAP, each directed towards achieving the primary object of promoting and supporting philosophy in Australasia.

Impact of Philosophy

Convenors - Neil Levy (Macquarie University) & Dirk Baltzly (University of Tasmania) 

Members - Miriam Bankovsky (La Trobe University); Dalia Nassar (University of Sydney); Paul Oppenheimer (University of Adelaide); Belinda Prakhoff (University of Melbourne); Andrew Withy (University of Auckland)

Higher Education

The main functions of the Higher Education Committee are to monitor and respond to issues relevant to philosophy in the Higher Education sector and to develop and sustain relationships with relevant Humanities and Social Sciences bodies. 

Convenor - Dirk Baltzly (University of Tasmania) 

Members - Fiona Jenkins (Australian National University), Jakob Hohwy (Monash University), Simon Keller (Victoria University of Wellington), Jeremy Moss (University of Melbourne), Michael Pelczar (National University of Singapore)

Status of Women in the Philosophy Profession

The Committee makes recommendations, where appropriate, on how best to promote the status of women, and to devise and carry out projects that support women, in professional Philosophy in Australasia.

The Committee stands for inclusivity and women’s equality within academic Philosophy at all levels, with full acknowledgement that women’s challenges in this profession intersect with and are the product of broader socio-political factors. Issues pertaining to sex and gender equity are deep and difficult. As such, as philosophers we advocate for intellectual humility and open dialogue in good faith.

The Committee is fundamentally committed to advancing both equity and respect for diversity in Australasian philosophy, so that Philosophy's many benefits may be made as widely available as possible across Australasia.

Convenor - Louise Richardson-Self (University of Tasmania) 

Members - Justine Kingsbury (Waikato University), Glenda Satne (University of Wollongong), Jennifer Ang Mei Sze (Singapore University of Social Sciences), Suzy Killmister (Monash University), Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch University), Gopika Gurudas (University of Queensland)


The Committee makes recommendations where appropriate, on how best to support diversity, and to devise and carry out projects that support diversity, in the profession of Philosophy in Australasia. 

Convenor - Adam Hochman (Macquarie University)

Members - Christine Abigail Lee Tan (Yale-NUS College), Ushana Jayasuriya (UNSW), Nicholas Drake (Australian National University; Ngāi Tahu), Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky (Macquarie University)

Philosophy in the Community 

The committee advises Executive, and makes recommendations where appropriate, on how best to promote philosophy within the community and outside the academy.

Convenor - Rob Wilson (University of Western Australia)

Members - Deborah Brown (University of Queensland), Matthew Hammerton (Singapore Management University), Vanessa Schouten (Massey University,) Kara Vaughn (Qld); Nicolas Bullot (Charles Darwin University), Philip Cam (University of New South Wales)


The Committee liaises with media and philosophers to promote philosophy in the media. 

Convenor - Samuel Baron (Australian Catholic University) 

Members -Antonia Case (Editor); Stephen Chadwick (Massey University), Leigh Dayton (Science Writer and Broadcaster), Tim Dean (Philosopher | Writer | Editor), Laura D’Olimpio (Birmingham), David Rutledge (ABC Radio National), Patrick Stokes (Deakin University), Ming Tan (AAP Social Media Officer)

AAP Conferences

The committee liaises with local conference organisers in the organisation of the annual conference.

Convenors - Nicholas Munn (University of Waikato) and Joe Ulatowski (University of Waikato)

Members - Chris Letheby (University of Western Australia)


The committee represents philosophy postgraduate students in Australasia.

Convenor - Megan Moss (Monash University) 

Members - Brigitte Everett (University of Sydney); Lucia C. Neco (University of Western Australia); Danny Wardle (Australian Catholic University); James Vlachoulis (University of Adelaide); Cohen Brown (University of Wollongong); Tom Coghlan (Bond University); Furkan Yazici (University of Waikato); Gurleen Khandpur (University of Otago); Rasmus Pedersen (The University of Sydney)

Undergraduate Committee

The committee represents philosophy undergraduate students in Australasia.

Convenor - Guillermo Badia (University of Queensland)

Members - Ben Blumson (National University of Singapore); Patrick Girard (University of Auckland); Sam Shpall (University of Sydney); Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University & Undergraduate Journal Liaison), Lavinia Picollo (National University of Singapore), and Undergraduate members: Brigitte Assi (Australian National University), Rashna Farrukh (Australian National University), Eloise Hickey (University of Sydney), Mark Rothery (Oxford University).

Centenary 2023 Committee

The committee will plan and promote activities around the AAP's Centenary in 2023..

Convenor - Stuart Brock (Victoria University of Wellington)

Members - Graham Oppy (Monash University), Joe Ulatowski (University of Waikato), Nicholas Munn (University of Waikato), Eliza Goddard (AAP General Manager)

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