AAP Postgraduate Conference Fund

The AAP Postgraduate Conference Fund is created to support conferences, workshops, seminars, and other similar events on philosophical topics that are organised by postgraduate members of the Association. Such events can be directed at an audience of philosophers or at the wider public. 

Applicants must submit a proposal to the Association which includes a description of the proposed conference and a draft budget, along with the nomination of a Faculty Sponsor and details of the Head of Department (or equivalent). A Faculty sponsor will often be the applicant’s supervisor, but need not be.

Applications Close: Friday November 12, 2021 at 6.00pm AEDT

All applications must contain three parts in order to be considered complete. These are;

1. Applicant Form (Form 1 of 3)

2. Faculty Sponsor Form (Form 2 of 3)

3. Department Declaration of Support (Form 3 of 3)

All three forms must be received complete in order for an application to be assessed.

Applications will be evaluated and ranked by an Evaluation Panel on their philosophical merits, and funding from the Fund will be distributed in line with these rankings. The total fund for 2021 is AUD4000 - no successful proposal will be allocated more than 50% of the Fund. 

Any funded conference or event should occur within 12 months of the Panel's decision. Applicants whose proposals are successful will need to agree to any conditions the Association places on funding, and will also need to submit a brief report on the conference at the conclusion of their event.


Any applicant to the fund must be a research postgraduate (PhD or Masters by Research) and an ordinary concession member of the Association in good standing.


Instructions for Applicant

1. Complete and submit the online Applicant Form (Form 1 of 3)

2. Once received, the AAP will send a link to the Faculty Sponsor nominated by the applicant on the form. This link will include a copy of the completed form with all the information provided by the applicant. The Faculty Sponsor will be asked to provide a confidential evaluation of the proposed event.

3. Once the confidential evaluation has been received from the Faculty Sponsor, the AAP will send a link to the Head of Department (or equivalent). This link will include a copy of the completed form with all the information provided by the applicant. The Head of Department (or equivalent) upon reviewing this information, will be asked to provide a Department Declaration of Support.

4. Once the Department Declaration of Support has been received, your application is complete and you will receive an email from the AAP notifying you of this.

5. An announcement of successful applications will be made in December in 2021. 

Further information

All enquiries, contact: admin@aap.org.au

AAP Postgraduate Conference Fund Policy (available to AAP members only)

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