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Held annually since 1923, the 2021 Conference will be held online from Tuesday 6 - Thursday 8 July & Tuesday 13 - Thursday 15 July 2021. 

The conference is designed to give professional philosophers and philosophy postgraduate students the opportunity to present and discuss papers in all areas of philosophy. This year we also welcome poster presentations, including from Undergraduate philosophy students. Each year the conference attracts around 300 philosophers worldwide.

This year the conference will be held fully online using the Whova online conference platform with zoom for streaming of sessions and integrated chat and networking functions. Live streamed sessions will be held daily, in most cases limited to the hours 10am - 4pm AEST. We welcome submissions in all areas of philosophy. Abstracts can be submitted for papers, author meets critics, and multi-author panel presentations, as well as for posters. 

We look forward to an outstanding slate of keynote speakers, as well as talks from fantastic philosophers around the world. Conference participants will be able to submit questions in advance of a special live Q&A session with some of the keynote speakers.

In addition, we are running special sessions for academic staff, postgraduates and undergraduates, including sessions planned on online teaching and careers. A prize is offered to the best Postgraduate Presentation and the best Undergraduate Poster. 

The online format permits universities in smaller centres to host the conference. The University of Waikato is well-positioned to host and support this year’s AAP conference. We anticipate that the active collegial atmosphere we enjoy at our university will be reflected in the conference we organise for the AAP. Please join us for the AAP's first online conference!

Nick Munn and Joe Ulatowski

Convenors 2021 AAP Conference, University of Waikato

Enquiries: conference@aap.org.au

2021 Presidential Address Neil Levy

Do your own research!

Philosophical  tradition  and  conspiracy  theorists  converge  in  suggesting  that  ordinary  people ought  to  do  their  own  research,  rather  than  accept  the  word  of  others.  In  this  paper,  I  argue that  it’s  no  accident  that  conspiracy  theorists  value  lay  research  on  expert  topics:  such  research is  likely  to  undermine  knowledge,  via  its  effects  on  truth  and  justification.  Accepting  expert testimony  is  a  far  more  reliable  route  to  truth.  Nevertheless,  lay  research  has  a  range  of  benefits; in  particular,  it  is  likely  to  lead  to  greater  understanding,  even  when  it  does  not  lead  to knowledge.  I  argue  that  we  can  reap  most  of  the  genuine  benefits  of  lay  research  while minimiSing  the  risks  by  engaging  in  exploratory,  rather  than  truth-directed,  inquiry.  To  engage in  exploratory  inquiry  is  to  engage  dogmatically,  expecting  to  be  unable  to  confirm  the  expert view  or  to disconfirm  rivals. 

Neil Levy is professor of philosophy at Macquarie University and a senior research fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford. His recent work has focused on social epistemology. His next book, Bad Beliefs: Why Do They Happen to Good People? is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

2021 Keynotes

Stephen M Gardiner

Jenann Ismael

Lewis Gordon

Kate Manne
Michelle Kosch

Peter Godfrey-Smith

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Key Conference Dates

Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Thursday 8

Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 July

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2020 Alan Saunders Lecture

Stephen Gardiner

A live streamed event, this lecture is also recorded by the ABC & available for download after the event.

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