Postgraduate COVID-19 Research Fund

Eligibility: the scheme is open to currently enrolled postgraduate research (PhD and research Masters) students in Australasia who are, at the date of the scheme's announcement (28.08.20), postgraduate ordinary members in good standing of the AAP. 

Amount: the scheme will disburse a fixed amount to each successful applicant. How much will depend on demand but we anticipate being able to offer not less than $200. Preference will be given to students who are not currently supported by a university or government scholarship, either students who are self-funded or who have exhausted funding and are writing up.

Applications Close: Friday September 25, 2020 at 6.00pm AEDT.


All applications must contain two parts in order to be considered complete. These are the Applicant Form (Form 1 of 2) and Supervisor Form (Form 2 of 2). Both forms must be received complete in order for an application to be assessed.

1. Complete and submit the online Applicant Form

2. Once received, the AAP will send a link to the academic supervisor nominated by the applicant on the form. This link will include a copy of the completed form with all the information provided by the applicant. The academic supervisor will be asked to provide a brief statement that (i) the student is currently enrolled in a higher degree program; (ii) the student's academic work has been impacted; and (iii) that in the supervisor’s view the funds would support the applicant in conducting their philosophical research – this is to help ensure the program is supporting philosophy, in line with our charitable mission.

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