1. The Nature of Instantiation: Issues and Options 

Convenors : Peter Forrest, UNE & Javier Cumpa, Complutense University of Madrid

Consider the following scenario: a’s being F and b’s being F. The ontological analysis of this scenario has to answer at least to three fundamental questions: (1) what is the ontological ground of a’s having F?, (2) what is the ontological ground of a’s and b’s sharing F?, and (3) what is the ontological ground of the composition of a’s being F? In addition to these ontological questions, the aim of this stream is to discuss contemporary approaches to instantiation with relation to the logic of properties and relations. Among other questions will be discussed: is instantiation transitive or non-transitive? is instantiation symmetrical or non-symmetrical? is instantiation an internal or an external relation? is the nexus essential or accidental? is the nexus necessary or contingent? does instantiation have instances? is instantiation universal or particular? And is instantiation a concrete or abstract relation?

2. The Philosophy of Mental Health and Mental Disorder

Convenor : Simon Keller, Victoria University, NZ

This stream is for papers that consider philosophical questions about mental health, including (but not limited to) questions about the nature of mental health and disorder, the nature of particular forms of mental disorder, the significance of mental disorders for moral responsibility and for issues in ethics, and the significance of mental disorders for understanding the mind and the brain.

3. The Metaphysics of Science

Convenor : Antony Eagle, Adelaide

The 2017 AAP conference includes a stream dedicated to issues in the metaphysics of science. The theme is to be broadly construed, and we welcome submissions of papers discussing metaphysical issues arising in science generally, as well as those engaging with the foundations of particular scientific theories. For reference, papers squarely within the remit of the stream would include scientifically-informed discussions of the following topics, among many others: time, chance, laws of nature, reduction and emergence, fundamentality, realism, and Humeanism.

For reasons of space, the stream is selective. Papers not selected for the stream will still be considered for the general program. If you would like your paper considered for inclusion, please submit your title and abstract in the usual way and indicate your interest in the metaphysics of science stream.

4. The Arts and Imagination

Convenor : Jenny McMahon, Adelaide

The papers will address topics which bear upon the way cultural artifacts acquire meaning and value as an example of the process by which communities establish shared terms of reference.

This workshop is the second held in connection with the Australian Research Council funded ArtSense Taste and Community project. The project is directed by Jenny McMahon, and the other researchers are Sean Cordeiro, Cynthia Freeland, Paul Guyer, Claire Healy, Mohan Matthen, Robert Sinnerbrink, and Daniel von Sturmer.  The project aims to develop a framework for understanding the perception of meaning and value as a response to cultural artifacts.

July 4 - 6 For more information visit:

5. Moral Methodology and Epistemology

Convenors : Mark Alfano, David Killoren, Richard Rowland, Australian Catholic University

There are at least two important sets of questions regarding moral methodology: (1) How should ethics as a specialized philosophical study be conducted? (2) How should ordinary people, i.e., non-specialists, engage in ethical reasoning, conversation, and argument? Such questions are distinct from but intimately related to traditional questions in moral epistemology such as the following: (3) What are the conditions necessary to justify our moral beliefs, and where and when (if at all) have those conditions been met? (4) Do potential epistemic defeaters (such as widespread moral disagreement, evolutionary genealogy of moral beliefs, etc.) undermine all hope of attaining moral knowledge?

The aim of this stream will be to explore connections between moral methodology and epistemology. We'll welcome papers on epistemology, papers on methodology, and papers that lie at the methodology/epistemology intersection.

6. Ancient Philosophy

Convenor : John Howes, Learning guild

This stream is open to anyone who wishes to offer a paper that could reasonably be presented under the heading of "Ancient Philosophy", but papers related to Plato and Aristotle are especially sought.

7. Philosophy of Biology 

Convenor : Kim Sterelny (Australian National University)

8. Remembering Josh Parsons

Convenors : Dan Marshall (Lingnan) and Antony Eagle (Adelaide)

The 2017 AAP Conference will include a stream dedicated to remembering Josh Parsons and his philosophical work. The organisers welcome submissions on any topics that Josh worked on, including but not limited to: persistence, time, location, truthmaking, mereology, imperatives, contextualism, and relativism.

9. Counterfactuals, Chance and Choice

Convenor : Antony Eagle


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